Many people make the mistake of depending on public infrastructure to provide their family with clean water, energy, sustainable food, and clean waste disposal. Now, for the first time, Canada’s Handiest Man will show you a dependable system to become truly independent, and it’s simpler than ever before.


“I have attended seminars and bought other online courses before, but Steve Maxwell offers the most comprehensive, thorough and detailed how-to guides out there today.” - RM


Public infrastructure is not the most stable way of providing for yourself and your family.

In fact, public infrastructure is
far less reliable than most folks are aware.

Grocery stores and public water, waste, and electrical systems are no doubt convenient. But they all carry the
risk of catastrophic failure, leaving you and your family without a way to access life-sustaining resources like food and water.

The fact of the matter is…

The more time that passes, the closer we get to these systems collapsing.

The more time that passes, the closer we get to having no immediate access to food, water, and shelter.

And when that happens, the only ones who will be able to protect their family from thirst, hunger, and mother nature's wrath are the ones who prepared in advance.

To achieve true independence and peace of mind, you need to ensure that you can provide yourself with the life-sustaining resources you’ve been relying on the government for.

That’s why I’ve put together an essential tool for anyone wanting to claim their independence from the system, one that I’ve worked almost my entire life to build.

In just a moment I’ll show you
exactly why living exclusively “plugged in” could be a huge mistake, and show you my breakthrough system for reliably setting your family up for true independence for generations to come.

But first, I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m known around my home country as Canada’s Handiest Man, and I’ve been working with my hands for my entire life.

I’ve been in the how-to teaching business for decades, and have made countless appearances in publications like:
- Canada’s most trusted how-to info

Mother Earth News - contributing editor since 2002

Cottage Life magazine - regular contributor since 1994

Canadian Home Workshop - technical editor since 1990

Post Media Syndicate - homes columnist since 1997

Toronto Star Syndicate - homes columnist since 1997

Ottawa Citizen - homes columnist since 1997

Canadian Contractor - section publisher and tools editor since 2002

Harrowsmith magazine - home & property editor since 2017

Toronto Star - homes columnist since 1997

Toronto SUN - homes and renovation columnist since 2015

YouTube/smaxwell1963 - owner since 2008

Canadian Homes & Cottages - tools editor since 1999

Ontario Home Builder - regular contributor since 2009

Pro Painter magazine - editor since 2013

Yes, I’ve been in this line of work for a long time, but I’ve been passionate about hands-on work since even before that.

I still remember convincing my middle school shop teacher to let me forgo all class projects in favor of building a custom go-kart!

Since then I’ve fantasized about a lifestyle of ultimate independence.

I knew how capable I was with my hands, I just needed to design systems that allowed me to experience the only true freedom that exists - the freedom of not needing anyone, or any organization, to keep myself and my family happy and healthy:

The freedom of resource independence.

And after years of trial, error, and victory I’ve managed to get there by building a wide range of sustainability projects on our island homestead like:

Outfitting our family’s home with off-grid energy systems.

Installing a water well hand pump to reliably draw clean water from our deep well.

Designing an emergency home food supply system that can keep you fed for a year without going to stores.

Building a coop to house chickens for a near endless supply of protein.

I’ve built my family’s stone house from basement to attic without help from a contractor, my family and I graze beef cattle and manage a large homestead.

I've constructed a custom workshop for the daily projects I work on and I also do a lot of work in the forest around my land.

And countless (and I mean countless) other projects.

Make no mistake, this is what I live to do and how I’ve been living since the mid-1980s.

Now, I want to educate others on how to bring comprehensive, sustainable joy to their homes.

At this point you may be asking why you shouldn’t just keep living your life the way you have been. After all, it’s worked so far hasn’t it?

As I mentioned above:

Public infrastructure is far less reliable than most are aware.

Tens of thousands of people experience power failure every year in my home country of Canada alone. One particularly devastating outage left thousands of people without the ability to call 911.

When you take a look at our water supply, you’ll find that a seemingly harmless chemical, fluoride, can act as a neurotoxin and hormone disruptor when consumed in unmonitored amounts. Measurable quantities of hormones and even recreational drugs are routinely found in municipal water supplies.

Even our simplest food items like raw fruits and vegetables pose the risk of unwanted chemicals and pesticides.


We’ve seen firsthand how quickly our grocery stores can empty in an emergency…

These are just a few examples of why it’s more important than ever to outfit your home with easy-to-implement solutions to ensure you and your family will always have:

  1. A stable source of electricity
  2. A constant, clean flow of water
  3. Enough food to outlast a year-long emergency

You’ll rest easy, and feel a sense of pride knowing that you’ve done right by yourself and your family, without relying on questionable systems.


“Thank you for your excellent course on building a solar generator. It gives me confidence to build one.” - TK

“I would like to say thank you for this course. Very open and excellent explanation! Thank you.” - DB


What This Course Isn't

Before you start thinking "Why do I need a whole course to learn how to install solar panels?" let me just interrupt.

Sure, this course does cover every single aspect of bringing renewable energy to your home.

Energy you don't need "the system" for.

But that's only a tiny portion of it.

Let me be clear, this is not a solar energy course.

This is a comprehensive system designed to take your average countryside Joe, and teach him how to live a life of abosolute independence.

But what does "absolute independence" really mean?

It means you won't have to rely on the Government, power companies, water plants, meat farmers, or even grocery stores to live a comfortable life.

Not just survive, but actually live a comfortable, modern life.

It means your family won't have to risk water contaminants, pesticides, power failures, or arbitrary restrictions.

It means your loved ones, the ones you look after, won't be thrown into a frenzied panic the next time the TV man says "lockdown."

And it means they'll have you to thank for their newfound sense of freedom and security.

Continue reading to learn everything this comprehensive guide teaches, and find out how your lifestyle could be leaving your family vulnerable.

"But I don't have any experience..."

Hey, I get it. Not everyone is a professional handyman, so think of it this way...

If you can assemble a piece of Ikea furniture, you can build the assets you need to take your home off-grid.


The only thing you need before enrolling is the desire to make it happen.

This guide covers everything else.

You'll learn exactly what tools and materials to pick up.

You'll learn exactly what you need to do, and exactly how to do it.

And you'll be guided every step of the way by:

  • Easy-to-understand visuals
  • Detailed video guides
  • Instructions written for the average man.

I have a strong feeling that, by the time you’re done building, you’ll look around and wonder why you ever doubted yourself.


“This is exactly what I needed! The video is high quality, sound is good and content is easy to follow. Even if you have no background with trade work, you will be able to see exactly what tools to get and how to use them.” - NN

“Steve is easy to understand and he delivers professional courses. He taught me a lot, and I learned mistakes I had made in the past. I will love to take other courses from this instructor.” - TG


“Can’t I just find all this stuff online?”

The problem with scouring the internet for the right information is three-fold:

  1. It’s hard to ensure that the information you find is reliable.
  2. Gathering the material is usually time-consuming and unorganized.
  3. Implementation is difficult without proper one-on-one instruction.

Investing in a sure-fire systematic approach will ensure you don’t waste your valuable time hoping to find everything you need.

It’s like taking a shortcut to the finish line. Instead of spending weeks, or months, attempting to gather all the necessary information (assuming you can find it all) you can start today knowing you have everything you could possibly need.

And with a system like mine, you not only have access to the materials, but you also get direct support from me to ensure that everything proceeds quicker and smoother than through any other method.

In fact…

Most people who enroll admit that they struggled to find the level of detail contained in this package online. (And they all wish they didn’t waste so much time stressing before investing.)


“There were definitely pointers and tips here that I have not seen on YouTube how-to videos.” - ML

“Just the kind of information I was looking for. Again, many thanks for the info.” - BM

“This course is well organized and covered a lot in a relatively short period of time. There were lots of tips I was not aware of. Definitely worth taking.” - DA


Why This Course Is Different

The problem with most online courses is that they're not really courses.

They're just piles of information.

Even if they're easy-to-follow, detail-oriented, and beginner-friendly...

It's not really a course unless someone actually teaches it.


When you enroll, you'll also get immediate access to me for any and all questions, no matter how small.

If you get stuck on a step, nervous about a potential issue, or have any hesitations or troubles, you'll be able to reach me directly and I'll quickly respond with detail and care.


“Steve has been absolutely fantastic to work with. He is always prompt to answer questions, and we could not be happier with the results!”

- BT

“Excellently put together course! Broken down into clear, easy to follow steps, well taught and very high video production quality. Really well done. Thank you.” - PF

“It has been a very enjoyable pleasure going through these easy to follow and understand online courses you offer. I am very excited to get started on new adventures. I just again want to say THANKS!!” - EH


What exactly can you expect to receive?

Once you secure your spot, you’ll be granted immediate access to the most carefully designed self-reliance course bundle on the market.

ANNOUNCING: The Survive & Thrive Self-Reliance Course Bundle

This is the only system on the market designed and taught by an expert with 40+ years of experience that will personally walk you through EVERY aspect of living off-grid.

Those projects I said I’d worked on earlier? This course bundle will reliably guide you to accomplishing the same exact results and more!

Inside you’ll be welcomed by a one-of-a-kind, well-formatted, easy-to-follow course curriculum.

They’re structured in a way that enables you to learn as easily and efficiently as possible.

Inside each unique lesson are step-by-step instructions aided by graphics and videos to ensure you’ll never feel lost or wondering what to do next.

Inside you will learn:

  • How to sustainably power your home without ever needing an electrical company

  • Multiple methods to feed yourself for a full year without ever going to the grocery store

  • 3 easy solar powered projects to heat your home, dry your food, and provide yourself with emergency power

  • The details of sustainably directing plenty of fresh drinking water from a weak well straight to your faucets

  • How to revive a failed septic system or supercharge a functional system so it never stops working

  • Simple techniques to raise, keep, and house chickens for an endless supply of protein


“The diagrams, instructional videos and written instructions in Steve Maxwell’s off-grid course were very helpful for understanding and constructing my own solar generator.” - BV

“I have attended seminars and bought other online courses before, but Steve Maxwell offers the most comprehensive, thorough and detailed how-to guides out there today.  His Sharpie pen explanation videos are so simple and easy to follow but really give you confidence. I feel like Steve will be there with me every step of the way as I make my dream to live in the country.” - RM


Contents Included in this Bundle

Power Your Home with Renewable Energy Course ($189 value)

  • Easy-to-follow videos that explain everything from designing your system to soldering wires

  • Simple but detailed plans & wiring diagrams

  • In-depth descriptions of the specific solar & wind equipment you need

  • Beginner-friendly instructions on how to use any tools you’ll need but haven’t used

  • And everything else you need to become the “ultimate electricity provider” of the family

Build & Learn 3 Solar Projects Course ($109 value)

  • 3 courses in one

  • Clear, detailed schematics to create your own solar heating system

  • Step-by-step instructions to build a solar-powered generator

  • Thorough plans and videos to construct a high-performance solar food dryer

Feed Yourself For a Year: Food Security Course ($59 value)

  • Detailed guidance for customizing your own survival food supplies, even if you’ve never done it before

  • Easy-to-understand explanations on how to start a garden, build a hoop house

  • Understanding of how to purify water with nothing more than an ordinary clear plastic drinking bottle

  • Descriptive plans for building three kinds of root cellars for the ultimate in food security and more!

  • And everything required to get your family shouting “thank you for bringing us food that’s safe to eat!”

Master Water Wells Course ($39 value)

  • Videos, photos, and diagrams to get tons of water, even from a weak well

  • Effortlessly install your own water pump, or troubleshoot existing problems without professional help

  • Create a much easier way to prime seasonal water systems

  • The next best thing to having an experienced water well plumber working at your side

Septic Rescue: Restore Your Own Septic System Course ($49 value)

  • Understand how septic systems work and why they fail

  • Learn how to use a pressure washer to fix the cause of 90% of septic failures

  • Discover a simple method for making any septic system operate better

  • Get a list of the items you need and exactly where to buy them

Backyard Chickens: Build a Chicken House and Keep Chickens for Eggs and Meat Course ($49 value)

  • Easy-to-follow instructions to build a professional quality movable chicken coop for your backyard

  • Comprehensive list of all tools you’ll need to complete the project skillfully

  • Must-know information on how to care for your chickens and keep them happy

The contents of this bundle amount to almost $500 worth of useful, easy-to-understand, expert-guided information.

But I'm not pricing it at $500.

I want this course bundle to be available to as many people as possible.

And I want it to be as valuable as I can make it.

So before I reveal the price, I've got an additional surprise for you...

When you buy today, you'll also get my
entire Prepper Project PDF series for FREE!

FREE GIFT: Prepper Project PDF Series ($245 value)

Build a Biogas Digester ($49 value)

  • Step-by-step diagrams to build a “food waste digester” the converts wasted edibles into free energy for cooking and lighting.

  • Learn must-know techniques to troubleshoot a variety potential methane digester issues.

  • Keep producing natural gas when the rest of society suddenly stops.

Bug-Out Basecamp ($49 value)

  • Contains detailed plans for the “tech-illiterate” to build a safe, off-grid shelter without needing extensive knowledge of off-grid energy.

  • Learn how the a minimalist approach to energy production can bring surprising versatility to your home.

  • Learn the tried-and-true methods, developed before modern society, to reliably power your home without the grid.

Liquid Gold Ethanol Production System ($49 value)

  • Easy-to-follow instructions to build a simple, effective, and disaster-proof ethanol fuel production system.

  • Learn how to turn plant waste into valuable fuel from home.

  • Easy-to-understand guidance even beginners can understand and apply.

Survival Essentials: Crossbow Guide ($49 value)

  • Learn why crossbows are criminally underrated post-collapse, and how NOT having one could be the difference between life and death.

  • Learn when and why crossbows are superior to firearms in a post-collapse situation.

  • Easily understand what to look for when buying a crossbow for your survival kit.

Build Your Own Junkyard Generator ($49 value)

  • Learn how to create a (nearly) unlimited supply of backup power using just a few cheap junkyard parts.

  • Discover the secret of getting both AC and DC current from the same, essentially free device.

  • Reveal a “MacGyver-style” trick to revive a dead generator using two electric drills.

This package contains well over $700 worth of easy-to-understand, beginner friendly, comprehensive off-grid guidance.

Make no mistake...

This package is designed to be the start, middle, and end of your once-in-a-lifetime transformation to a life WITHOUT depending on unreliable public systems.

And for a limited time, I'm pricing this "super bundle" for an affordable:


Backed by 40+ years of experience, as Canada’s handiest man, I have dedicated my life to learning the ins and outs of:

  • State-of-the-art solar energy

  • Fool-proof methods for sustainable food and water

  • Accelerating the reliability of septic systems

  • Everything you need to live an officially “off-grid” lifestyle

And as a cherry on top 🍒:

With the purchase of this course bundle you’ll get direct access to me via email to answer ANY questions you might have along the way!


I’m so confident in this bundle’s ability to teach you everything you need to know, that I’m offering a money back guarantee if this product doesn’t provide you with ALL the guidance you need to:

  • Gather plenty of clean water from a weak well

  • Feed yourself for a FULL year without going to the store

  • Power your home with renewable energy

  • Dry your food using solar power

  • Revive your failing septic system

  • Build your own solar generator

  • Heat your house with solar energy

  • Keep and house chickens for unlimited protein

At this point, you have three choices:

You can choose not to leverage the knowledge I’ve spent my entire life organizing in a clear, easy-to-follow fashion.

You can seek the information you need elsewhere, risking that you can find it and praying it doesn't cause a headache big enough to make you give up.


You can go back to your regular life, and cross your fingers that you’ll never experience a power outage, or lose heat in the winter.

You can roll the dice with contaminated water and chemical ridden vegetables.


You can join me in building a rewarding life where you never have to rely on the government for any of your basic needs.

A life where you’re prepared for any emergency.

A life of sustainability, comfort, and peace of mind knowing you’ll always have everything you and your family need.

For a one-time investment of only $349.99, you’ll get access to a game-changing new program, and be well on your way to a brand new life of true freedom and independence.

What are you waiting for? Enroll today!

“I make my living by giving advice as a consultant and I recognize and appreciate good advice when I get it!”

- HH

“Thank you so much for your time and effort in putting this course together. I found it not only helpful but interesting!”

- MH

“I enjoy your courses. I’ve been in the construction field for 52 years (retired now) and find that there is always new information and ways to work and achieve your goals. Kudos to you keep it up.”

- LR

“Very clearly presented and to the point. Excellent videos in the courses, too.”

- KL

“I then ordered your course and was up until 3:00 am reading it! I can't wait to start planning! Thank you for sharing your expertise and for creating such a valuable course! I look forward to taking your other courses!”

- JT

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