1.5 Welding Safety

Welding Safety

While it's true that all types of welding involves safety hazards, it's easy to protect yourself and remain healthy and injury-free. In 40 years of welding, I've never experienced anything more than a slightly burned finger from hot metal that I thought was cool enough to touch.

The video below explains five MIG welding safety hazards and how you can protect yourself against them. Hazards include:

  1. Electric shock
  2. Burn
  3. Eye injury
  4. Fumes
  5. Fire

Safety head to toe

To protect yourself, here are the safety equipment pieces you should consider :

  1. Helmet: The best kind are called “auto darkening” and have a lens that automatically gets dark as soon as welding begins. See Lesson 2.3 for more details about this amazing piece of equipment.
  2. Gloves: Heavy, heat-resistant gloves are essential, and you can learn more about choosing wisely in Lesson 2.5 Welding Glove Recommendations.
  3. Sturdy footwear: Boots or shoes with steel toes will protect from dropped tools and metal, and rubber soles provide extra protection from the unlikely risk of shock.
  4. Welder’s jacket: The most protective are made of leather, but a heavy shirt provides good protection, too.
  5. Welder’s cap: This optional cloth item goes on your head before the helmet goes on, providing extra protect from sparks that might waft back and land on your head.

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