Learn How To Weld as a Beginner

MIG Welding for the Home Workshop

Ready to master fire and steel? Learn how to weld – in your home workshop – with Steve Maxwell’s comprehensive MIG welding course. Satisfaction guaranteed.

This course will teach you the skills you need to start using a MIG welder

MIG Welding For the Home Workshop combines video lessons, written content, project plans, illustrations and one-on-one instructor assistance to help you learn quickly. By the end of the course, you’ll confidently set up and use your MIG welder to build with mild steel and repair items around your home.

Make with metal

Make it with metal

Welding lets you join metal, transforming inexpensive raw materials into strong, useful items that are better than anything you can buy – because they’re custom-made for you, by you.

Repair & save money

When you master basic welding skills, you can repair instead of replace, saving hundreds of dollars. And a MIG welder is the easiest, most affordable machine you can learn to use.

Creative satisfaction

Watching two pieces of red hot, glowing metal become molten and then join exactly as you planned is exciting, satisfying and creative. Time to spark up the fun.

After 30 minutes of practice, you’ll be making your first successful welds

Yes, you can learn to weld at home!

Welding is for anyone who wants to work with metal.

With the right instruction, you can create welds you’ll be proud of – after about 30 minutes of practice or less. Whether you want to build, repair or just learn a new skill, welding opens up an exciting world of metalworking. This course teaches techniques you can use in your home, garage, farm, workshop or small business – anywhere you need to join pieces of metal in a rock-solid, permanent way.

The equipment for welding – especially user-friendly MIG welding – has never been more accessible to the average do-it-yourselfer. It’s less expensive than ever, easier to use, very reliable and very effective.

Learn how to weld with Steve Maxwell

About your instructor,

Steve Maxwell

Steve is an experienced welder, metalworker, carpenter, homebuilder, stonemason, cabinetmaker – and instructor.

His online courses, award-winning articles and videos have helped thousands of people develop practical, hands-on skills to improve lives since 1988.

Steve has written for Mother Earth News, The Toronto Star, Reader's Digest, Family Handyman, Cottage Life, Canadian Contractor, Canadian Home Workshop, and many other respected publications over the decades.

His growing course collection includes training on solar energy and off-grid power systems, woodworking, metalworking, rural living skills and more.

He and his wife, Mary, live in a stone-and-timber home they built themselves on Manitoulin Island, Canada.

24 Teaching Videos Simplify Success

Plus written instruction, downloadable professional-grade plans, and tool guides. The course uses detailed, high-quality videos that make it easy to master the finer points of MIG welding.

Build 5 Real-World Welding Projects

To develop your welding skills, we’ve included 5 beginner-friendly projects, complete with plans, materials lists and how-to tips. You’ll learn to cut and weld pipe, angle iron, steel plate and more.

Friendly One-on-One Support

Learners tell us that this is the most valuable part of the school. Got a weld that's not working? Wondering about what equipment to buy? Course instructor Steve Maxwell is standing by to help.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 5-week course

New course content is delivered to you each week.

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  Section 1 - Understanding MIG Welding
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  Special Section: Student projects
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  Section 2 – Choosing and Using a MIG Welder
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  Section 3 – Welding Techniques & Troubleshooting
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  Section 4 – Cutting & Drilling Metal
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  Section 5 - Forging Steel
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  Section 6 – Welding Projects You Can Build
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What our students are saying

Eric Harrison

It’s been very enjoyable going through this easy-to-follow welding class. I’m very excited to get started on a new adventure in welding. Due to your lessons on equipment, I did my research and found that the Lincoln 210 was a great match for my needs. I'm also excited to tackle the little wood stove project that’s part of the course. 

Kelley Powel

Salisbury, NC

I really enjoyed Steve’s MIG welding course. The pace was just right and the level of detail was good as well. I hope there’ll be similar classes in the future. Maybe something on advanced welding? Overall, very pleased and appreciate your time and quick responses to my questions. 

Rene Mendoza

Chicago, IL

Hello Steve, 

I truly enjoyed being part of your MIG WELDING FOR BEGINNERS course. The information you provide via written and videos material IS very well put together and easy to follow. I truly was a beginner, never having even owned equipment nor additional tools. I will keep my eye out for any additional courses you have on these topics. 

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