Build your own portable power supply, food dryer & solar heat collecter

3 Solar Projects

In this practical online course, DIY expert instructor Steve Maxwell will teach you to harness the power of the sun for electricity, food preservation and heating. Learn the basics of using our most powerful source of free, renewable energy to build a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Solar power

Harvest electricity from the sun with your own portable solar power supply. Great for off-grid cabins and essential in a power outage or other emergency, this easy-to-build project will teach you how solar power really works.

If you’re considering a large-scale solar power installation, this introductory project can give you the fundamental know-how you need – before you make a major investment.

Solar food dryer

Using the sun to dehydrate fruits, vegetables and meats is a safe, natural way to preserve food’s nutritional value and flavour.

The best food dryers work quickly and efficiently to draw water out of the food. This project has been expertly designed to maximize airflow and make best use of the sun’s drying power.

Solar heat

Yes, you can draw free heat from the sun to for space heating or hot water. But while there are many hobby plans for solar heat collectors that are fun to build, few are efficient enough or durable enough for the real world. Steve Maxwell shows you how to use evacuated tubes, heat controllers and pumps in a well-designed collector for cost-effective solar heating.

This course is delivered to you over 3 weeks, but you’ll have access to all the course materials for as long as you need. Plus, course creator & instructor Steve Maxwell will be available to answer your questions.

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This course goes beyond showing you how to build these projects. You’ll understand – in depth – how solar systems work.

With Steve Maxwell’s expert tips, you’ll make the right decisions about the components you buy. Learn where you can save money and where it’s worth spending a bit more.

Even after the course is complete, you’ll have access to all the instructional materials for as long as you need. Questions? Steve is available to help.

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