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How to Build a Deck

You can add amazing outdoor living space to your home – learn Steve Maxwell’s expert techniques for building a more durable and more beautiful deck, with low maintenance for years to come.

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Whether you’re building your own or hiring a contractor, this course will help you enjoy a top-quality deck of extraordinary beauty. Building a deck with the best construction techniques adds value to your home and saves you money and time.

Built to last

Use proven techniques to build better than most pros, for a deck that can last twice as long. The right materials, reliable hardware, and solid construction methods boost strength and durability.

How to build a beautiful deck with details few know about.

Standout good looks

With a few common power tools, you can add refined details that few ordinary decks have – details that add value and enjoyment to outdoor living.

Low maintenance deck finishes

Low maintenance

Learn to choose the best deck finish, applied the right way to look great year after year – with a lot less work. Plus, how to build a deck that never needs finishing.

Get the knowledge and skills you need to enjoy beautiful outdoor living space every day

Steve Maxwell’s How to Build a Deck course combines video lessons, written content, detailed construction illustrations and one-on-one instructor assistance to help you learn quickly.

By the end of the course, you’ll know more about quality deck construction than many professional contractors.

This comprehensive online course package includes 35 pro-quality videos in 15 easy-to-follow lessons, developed by building expert Steve Maxwell.

Friendly one-on-one support

Learners tell us that this is the most valuable part of the school. Got a question about your deck foundation? Wondering how to prevent water damage? Course instructor Steve Maxwell is standing by to help.

Course instructor and deck expert Steve Maxwell

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Instructor-led, lifetime access & money-back guarantee

Start today and get ready to build a great deck that lasts longer and looks better – a lot better!


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Start any time, instructor-led, lifetime access & money-back guarantee

Relaxing on the deck
How to build a modern deck with details few know about.