1.1 Introduction

Power Your Home With Renewable Energy

How to design and build your own off-grid solar and wind electrical system


Except for food and water, energy is the single most important commodity in our civilized world. Electrical energy is especially important because so much either runs on electricity or is controlled by it. Trouble is, when you get that electricity from the utility grid, you’re limited and vulnerable. Limited, in that you need to build and live within reach of the grid, and vulnerable to power blackouts and electricity prices set by someone else. 

Solving the problem of grid dependency is what this course is all about. It delivers a working overview of how to design an independent electrical system and exactly how to make it real at your home. Make no mistake – this isn’t an easy job, nor is it cheap. Sure, for a few hundred dollars and a few hours’ time you can build a tiny system that’ll deliver a few hundred watts of power for lighting or charging your cell phone, but this is hardly sufficient to support a fully modern lifestyle. No, for that you need a reliable electrical system that provides serious amounts of power. Such a system demands serious engineering and care. This is what you’ll learn to apply here. 

No course can teach everything about creating a renewable power system, especially since your home and situation are unique, bit this course will give you all the building blocks of knowledge you’ll need to make it happen. The real-life struggles you’ll face and overcome as you build will be great teachers, too. By the time you’re done this course you’ll understand how to:

  • Design and build an independent solar-and-wind power system to supply all the electricity needed for your house, cottage, workshop and outbuildings. You can make your system as large or small as you want.
  • Learn from a real-world system that’s been energizing an entire modern home reliably for more than 20 years. You’ll be inspired to see it.
  • Choose specific components to build your own independent power system and learn how to connect them. It’s never been a better time to create your own system because there are so many excellent components available these days.
  • Find today’s best suppliers of the alternative energy hardware you’ll need. I’ll give you specific names for particular components that I know will work well for you.
  • Make wiring choices and connections that apply especially to independent power systems. This isn’t complicated, and you’ll learn quickly by seeing it done on video.
  • Explain to friends and neighbours how electrically vulnerable our way of life is and what they can do to protect themselves now, in small and large ways. People don’t realize how most households are just one long-term power failure away from collapse.
  • Enjoy the freedom of a grid-free lifestyle while also protecting yourself from the unpredictable costs of utility power.